"We distribute our quality products to retail and wholesale outlets within the United States."

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Thank you for your inquiry regarding our exclusive Money-making opportunity. Become one of our Registered Assemblers to supplement your income.

A.C.E. is in the business of manufacturing and distributing hand-made craft items. One of our products is detailed on the following pages.

We distribute our quality products to retail and wholesale outlets within the United States. The way our products are manufactured is by our Registered Assemblers like yourself with a desire to make money. You get paid for manufacturing craft items in your home, in your spare time. This brochure explains how the program works. We Look forward to hearing from you.

American Consolidated Exchange, Inc. is currently manufacturing Buddy Bear, and we need your help.

We supply all the materials that are needed to make Buddy Bear - all you need is the time. The teddy bear is approximately 12 inches high and made out of polyester cotton fabrics. All materials are specially selected in order to be uniform and enable our customer's acceptance. And, of course, we supply
our own unique pattern, along with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. They are all sewn by hand or machine.
Only you can determine the amount of money you can make - the more bears you make, the more money you make. You can work on a full or part- time basis, depending on your ability, desire, and own personal situation. What could be easier than working from the comfort of your own home, having fun and earning money at the same time?

American Consolidated Exchange, Inc. - P.O. Box 390069 - Deltona, FL 32739-0069
 (386) 574-5350 - 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. EST. - Monday through Friday
*Closed all major bank holidays.