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After the bears are completed to our specifications, they are sent back to us in multiples of 10 bears. You will only be paid if you manufacture 10 bears. For example: 10,20,30,40, etc. As soon as the bears are counted and inspected, we will send you $8.00 for each bear you have made. Therefore, when you send us 10 completed bears you will make $80.00; 40 bears, $320.00; 80 bears, $640.00; 300 bears, $2400.00. There is no limit to the number of bears you make for us because our customers are ordering them as fast as our assemblers can make them. Therefore, the amount of money you can make is strictly up to your own initiative and ability.

We pay all shipping costs to you and you pay the shipping charges back to us. We only use United Parcel Service for incoming and outgoing shipping. Each kit of ten weighs approximately two pounds when returned. You reship the completed bears back to ACE, Inc., in the same box the materials are delivered to you in.


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